The Revivalist tale unfolds of a wanderer traversing the paths of life, eagerly imparting his narrative to any willing and reciprocal listener. His story encapsulates the collective of  the human experience, woven with shared trials and memories. Each individual possesses a unique narrative waiting to be unveiled. By simply lending an ear, we become witnesses to these tales, while forging new friendships, collectively shaping our history—the story of us.

Wildfire Cigars The Revivalist individual cigar

An ode to the rustic nature of what Nicaraguan tobacco is known for

What I imagine a cowboy would be smoking over a campfire, with a pot of hot coffee brewing, while playing his guitar singing songs to the one he loves…

Corona – 46 x 5 5/8
Robusto – 50 x 5 1/4
Toro – 52 x 6 1/4

Wrapper – Mexican Claro
Binder – Indonesian
Filler – Esteli, Jalapa

  • Strength

Medium in body, Full in flavor

Wildfire Cigars Counselor Cowboy playing guitar at campfire

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